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Friday, 5 December 2014

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1. Welcome
2. Nanotechnology The Next Very Big (Small) Thing By Nasir Aziz(2030) & Shah Hussain(2032)
3. Agenda Introduction To Nanotechnology
4. Nanotechnology In Today's Life
5. Advantages Of Nanotechnology
6. Disadvantages Of Nanotechnology
7. Future Of Nanotechnology 
8. What is Nanotechnology?
“Nanotechnology is the art and science of
manipulating matter at the nanoscale”
9. How Small Is Nanoscale
A nanometer is…one billionth of a meter Human Hair: Approx. 1x105nm DNA Sample: Approx. 2 nm
10. Should I...? Who Cares About Nanotechnology 
11. Who Cares About Nanotechnology ? We All Should Care! Because it can bring revolution in the current industrialization and manufacturing processes.
12. Who Cares About Nanotechnology ?
13. Applications OfNanotechnology
14. Electronics: Nano Transistors Nano Diodes OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) 
Applications Of Nanotechnology
15. Applications Of Nanotechnology Electronics(contd.) Plasma Displays Quantum Computers
16. Energy: Batteries Fuel Cells Solar Cells
17. Materials: Nano Tubes Aerogel Nano Particles
18 Life Sciences:
Targeted Drug Delivery
Artificial Retina
Tissue Regeneration
Applications Of Nanotechnology
19 Advantages
20. vantages Material With NT, we can create unique materials and products which are:
21. Advantages Industrial
Computers can become a billion times faster and a million times smaller
Automatic Pollution Cleanup
Manufacturing at almost no cost
22. Medical End of Illnesses (i.e. cancer, heart disease) Universal Immunity (i.e. aids, flu) Body Sculpting 
(i.e. change your appearance)
23. Disadvantages
24. Disadvantages
Loss of jobs (in manufacturing, farming, etc)
Carbon Nanotubes could cause infection of lungs
Oil & Diamonds could become worthless
Atomic weapons could be more accessible and destructive
25. Future of Nanotechnology
26. Future Of Nanotechnology
Examples of Future Use of NT
Electronic Paper
27 Nokia Morph
28 Contact Lens
Future Of Nanotechnology
National Science and Technology Council (USA) claims that:
“Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the next century.”
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